VIMCO Customization

Often your guests (customers) come with a pre-conceived idea and or need to customize a piece to fit their taste, vision and or simply budget. We at Vimco take pride in fulfilling their wishes and do not disappoint them as most brands do!

Fortunately, almost all our products are locally made; hence conceptualizing and or customizing them is not as tedious process in comparison to most of our competitors. Your request is diligently listened and understood by one of our skilled team members who shall walk you through the complete process including giving you a presentation, quote and or CAD with actual measurements and specifications, if necessary.

Even if it is just to increase the number of stones, switch with the type of stone, increase-decrease length/size we shall leave no table unturned to satisfy your guest.

Please email your request to or simply call 1 800 666 7177 ext 104/105 for a representative who is always willing to assist.